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About Nametool

This site was created to provide an easy way of fixing features that lack names in either Thai or English.

As it's nice to see some problems in the context of a map and switching to Potlatch/JOSM for editing is sometimes not comfortable, this site features it's own online editor.

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To use the editing functionality it's required that you have an account with OpenStreetMap. You have to create an account on this site and connect it to your OSM account using OAuth. That way your OSM passwort stays secure, but the editor on this site can do edits on your behalf.

Without an account you can still browse the map and open JOSM or Potlatch for editing.


The data underlying this visualization is provided by the community of the OpenStreetMap users licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0.

The nice icons used on the site are created by FatCow Web Hosting and are licensed as CC-BY 3.0 us.

The Aristo theme has slight adaptions by myself and is based on Aristo-jQuery-UI-Theme and is licensed as CC-BY-SA 3.0.

The Thai word bitmap is provided by Wikimedia Commons and is licensed as CC-BY 3.0.

The country flag icons for Thailand and United Kingdom are Public Domain.

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